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Monday, January 3, 2011

RV Damage Due to Tire Failure

I have a Class B motor home and was driving down the highway when the rubber from the rear outside tire flew off and took out the insulation and cabinet bottom, water lines and a host of other things. As the stuffing flew out, it caught something underneath on the other side and knocked out the floor under my bathroom cabinet. Is this common or did I just have a bit of bad luck. I would really appreciate knowing while I wait to see what the insurance company has to say. Cory, (Omaha, NE) 

Cory, I would have to say that you indeed had a case of bad luck with that tire separation. The damage caused by a separating tire can either be minimal or much worse in many cases. Road speed, type of coach construction, how large the pieces were, etc., all plays a part. I’d hazard that no two instances will be identical. I would, however, caution you to be sure and let the insurance company know that every system, propane, battery, 120-volt AC, fresh water plumbing, waste water plumbing, etc., will need to be fully tested after all the physical construction repairs are completed. It’s not simply a matter of rebuilding the structural components. There may be unseen damage that can only be revealed through a series of tests on each of the systems.

Plus it's important to fully analyze why that tire failed in the first place! Have a professional service technician or tire safety expert conduct a thorough investigation to determine the cause. Overloading, improper air pressure, faulty tire or other failed equipment may have been the cause and a close inspection is a mandate against further complications later on.

This might be a good time to remind everyone about the great work performed by the RV Safety & Education Foundation (RVSEF). My good friend, Walter Cannon, heads that organization and is the leading expert in tires, weights and safety for all RVs. Be sure to check out the information posted here.


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