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Friday, October 15, 2010

Motorhome Wall Thermostat Needed

I need to locate a wall thermostat for my heating/air conditioning unit in a Winnebago. The thermostat has eight wires on it and the switch to turn the heat on is non-functioning. The only replacement thermostats I can find through six different dealers have fewer wires. My club chapter has an electrician in the group and we have traced the problem to the switch on the circuit board. If I hold a contact between the hot wire and power out of the switch till the time delay fuse activates the heater works fine till it hits the level the thermostat is set and turns off, then I have to do the process again to activate. Camping World's two locations near me have not been helpful but say they can wire a 4-wire thermostat or 6-wire thermostat to it but it will affect the Hi/Lo fan speeds. This doesn't make sense to me. I want the original replacement. The circuit board is printed "Watsco" with all eight wires soldered into slots marked for the eight colors of wire. Tell me where to find this thermostat please.
Denny, (Healdton, OK)

It sounds like you have a RVP heat pump system Denny. The part number for the single zone thermostat is 8530-3451. If your unit is for multiple zones, that is; if you have separate heating and/or cooling areas in the coach controlled from a single wall thermostat, the part number is 8330-3351. I’m surprised the dealers you contacted had trouble finding this information. Just about any RV service center, and especially a Winnebago dealer, should be able to order this unit for you. In terms of Camping World, you would have to contact your two local outlets and inquire as to whether they carry or can order these items by part number. But just to let you know, I could not find any reference to them on their website. But don’t be thrown off by the 8-wires. Chances are only six of them are actually being used. By the way, the high and low speed wires are colored green and gray respectively, so going to a 6-wire thermostat should not affect the speed options. Many RVers have switched to electronic Hunter or Honeywell thermostats among others, but I’ve always been an OEM kind of guy myself, so like you, I’d go for the appropriate RVP thermostat.


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