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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

RV slideouts: In or Out?

As I drive about I keep noticing RVs stored in driveways and yards with the slideouts out. Is this the preferred or correct way to store an RV for extended periods?
Jay, (Blue Ridge, TX)

Jay, I am not a proponent of leaving the slide rooms out during storage. Perhaps many of the units you’ve seen belong to owners who are actually using the RV while at home? I recommend that each slide be brought in during any extended period of non-use. When left out, dirt, leaves, debris, etc., can all gather on the roof sections creating a mess and inviting water intrusion. Plus rubber slide seals can dry out and become cracked. Even if the room is equipped with a topper awning; why subject it to the elements when not necessary? Additionally, depending on the type of slide mechanism, exposure during non-use can corrode moving components. I suggest keeping them in the travel position during storage.


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