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Monday, October 26, 2009

Awning Spring Tension

When installing a new awning fabric, which I can do, how many turns of the springs do you suggest to get proper roll out and retraction. I have an older Carefree awning that is 182" long. I realize the need for safety when working with the springs. I have checked with two dealers including the one I am buying the fabric from but they can't or won't give me a solid answer. They want to do it for me at a steep labor cost. Everything about it is simple; the spring tension is my only concern.
Roger, (Camp Point, IL)

Roger, it depends on the age of the torsion assemblies and if you add the windings while the awning is in the travel position or the extended position. Here's the recommended number of turns, but keep in mind, the older the assembly the more likely you'll have to add one or two more.

Extended – 17 turns 
Travel Position – 9 turns

The trick is to get the awning to roll up fully and completely without slamming back against the coach. This will damage the assembly and create a pinch hazard. Be very careful adding the windings. One slip and your knuckles will dislike you immensely. Keep in mind this is for your particular 15-footer only.


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