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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Which End Goes Where?

I'm embarrassed to ask, but I bought a brass water pressure regulator from an RV supply store. It came without instructions and I didn't think to ask. How do you use this thing? I think you connect it to the faucet in the RV park or do you connect it to the RV? This one has a big end and a smaller end with arrows that point toward the smaller end.
Helene, (McNeal, AZ)

Helene, there’s no such thing as an embarrassing question, especially concerning RVs! The water pressure regulator you purchased is equipped with garden hose connections at each end; female and male. Your question about where to install it is actually a good question to ask. I recommend installing it as close to the water supply in the campground as possible. With it installed at the spigot at your campsite you are then protecting the fresh water hose as well as the entire fresh system plumbing in the RV. It is permissible to install it directly to the city water inlet on the side of the coach, but then the hose itself will not be protected. You probably purchased a non-adjustable regulator, like in the photo, which is the simplest to use. It is preset at an inlet pressure safe for all the plumbing in the RV. You just hook it up in-line with the fresh water hose. The arrows should point to the RV.


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