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Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Tough Fit

I have a 2000 fifth-wheel and I have to fit it into a very unique spot but can't utilize my pop-outs because of the height. Someone told me that I can remove the tires, axle and leaf springs and set it down on blocks. I'm a single mom with no RV experience and am forced to trust stranger’s ideas. I found your site and would very much appreciate your time in providing me with the advantages and disadvantages of this idea.
Pamela, (Northridge, CA)

Pamela, though it’s certainly possible to remove the tires, wheels, suspension components and axles, I personally wouldn’t recommend it. There are still plumbing components, holding tanks and LP piping that must be accessible for inspections and for periodic maintenance. For what little you’d gain in height, it would render the 5th wheel permanent and unable to be moved again. I’d rather dig down if possible to gain the clearance you need or find a better spot. I’m curious what height restriction would there be on the slideouts and not on the main body of the unit? Perhaps something can be done regarding that? But it is doable, just not recommended.


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