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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bus Toilet

I'm building my own motorhome from a bus. I’ve read lots of details, but why can't I just install and plumb for a residential toilet rather than a fancy-dancy marine or RV toilet? What's the big deal?
Randy, (Magnolia, TX)

Randy, there would be no physical problem installing a household-type toilet in a bus conversion. Many custom builders do. The main reasons mainstream production RVs utilize the RV marine toilet is for efficiency and weight reduction. The RV-specific toilet is much lighter in weight and uses much less water. In some RVing circles, conservation of resources is crucial; a toilet that flushes with less water is most beneficial, especially in a dry camping situation. Plus a marine toilet will not fill the holding tank as rapidly as a residential toilet. Compare the amount of water used per flush between a residential toilet with a standard back-tank and a newer, more efficient marine toilet. It’s doubtful the weight factor will be an issue on a bus chassis, but typically RVs are constructed with the overall weight issue high on the list of priorities. Not only the weight of the heavy porcelain in a household toilet, but the weight of the water you will be carrying around in the back-tank is also a consideration. Both types mount identically with a typical floor flange so it is doable. If it’s purely the bone china finish you are seeking, there are some nice porcelain RV toilets available now that will fill the bill.


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