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Friday, October 23, 2009

Still, More Water

The city water connection on my RV is leaking, so I turned it off. After I disconnect the screws that fasten the cover plate to the outside, does the city water connection cover just pop off, or does it have to be unscrewed or something? I can't see the housing of the inlet by removing the panel in the bathroom and need to find where the leak is originating.
Dave, (Peyton, CO)

Dave, it depends on the type of plumbing line that was used for the fresh water piping system on your coach. If it is rigid copper or plastic, there may not be much “give” in the lines to allow you pull the city water entry out past the sidewall. Flexible tubing used for the fresh water lines is usually more forgiving and can be manipulated somewhat. Still, there has to be a way to get a wrench on the back side of that fitting in order to remove it. Look closely inside the coach; it may be hidden behind a panel or a galley drawer, etc. Once you get it removed, be sure to extend the piping to enable an easier access the next time. If the city water entry is leaking only when the pump is employed, it could simply be a matter of debris stuck in the backflow preventer portion of the city water fill.

Before attempting to remove the city water inlet try this: Turn the water pump on, pressurizing the system, and then push a pencil (use the eraser end) into the city water inlet depressing the spring. This will cause water to spray back at you so beware! Do this a couple of times to allow the pump pressure to force out any contaminants that may have been trapped in the check valve. If it still leaks, then remove the inlet. I’m assuming yours looks like one of two pictured above.


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