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Monday, October 19, 2009

Uninvited Guest!

We have a Hitchhiker, 33-foot fifth-wheel with two slide-outs and an enclosed basement. We have an unwanted guest trying to make a home in one of the storage compartments. He is a red squirrel. Has anyone had the same problem? How do you get rid of him?
John, (Pinckney, MI) John, indeed pesky critters can be frustrating! In your case, the good news is that the red squirrel is a solitary critter and probably travels alone. Many RVers use naphthalene flakes to "dust" around the exterior of the RV while it is stationary; much like sprinkling Comet around the tires to keep ants from intruding. Moth balls strategically placed in and around that compartment will also deter the rascal from becoming too comfy. Other home brews have been concocted using crushed red peppers or even dried blood to prevent squirrels from nesting. These methods, however, may cause some consternation with your campground neighbors. Besides, where can one purchase dried blood? There are commercial products available such as "Squirrel Away" though I have not tried any of those personally. I have heard that they are not suited for long term success; seems the squirrels can simply get used to some products regardless of how obnoxious they may be. Check with a local pet store or vet in your area for other recommendations. In a worst case scenario, trapping and relocating the critter is another option. Some city, county or state restrictions may apply in the case of trapping, so be sure to call first. Some locales even require permits for trapping. Traps can be purchased starting at about $25, but it may be possible to rent them. Again, check with your local pet store or vet.


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