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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pine Pitch on EPDM

I have just purchased a 33' Shasta 5th wheel trailer with a rubber roof. I am getting a lot of pine pitch on the roof. I used to use denatured alcohol to remove the pitch from my old trailer with a metal roof. I am afraid that maybe the denatured alcohol will soften the rubber roof. What is the best pine pitch remover to use on an EPDM roof.
Richard, (Worcester, MA)

Richard, try this. Realizing that some petroleum products may be harmful to EPDM rubber roofing if it becomes saturated, carefully moisten a clean, soft, cotton cloth with regular mineral spirits and lightly rub the pine sap from the roof. Do not pour the spirits directly onto the roof, but use a clean portion of the cloth each time. Eventually you should be able to remove all of the pine pitch. Though not always 100% necessary, apply an EPDM protectant to the affected area after removing the pine sap. And don't park under that pine tree any more!


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