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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Non-Stop Refer

I have a Class A motorhome and we leave the refrigerator on all the time. Will this shorten the life of the refrigerator?
Walter, (Quitman, MS)

As a general rule, Walter, the more any component or device is used, the quicker it will wear out. Even though there are no moving parts to an absorption refrigerator, constant use may not shorten its life drastically, but it will certainly get there faster. Do you actually use the refrigerator all the time? If you do and you truly need to operate it non-stop, be doubly sure it is level and it has plenty of ventilation at the rear of the refrigerator around the cooling unit. If you operate mostly on LP, be sure to clean and service the burner regularly and have the gas pressure checked at least quarterly. If you do not need it to actually refrigerate food, turn it off and block the door open when not in use.


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