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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Purposeful RV Toilet?

Some RVers have told us that RV toilets should never be used for bowel movements but only for liquid waste. This seems very inconvenient. Could you please set us straight?
R., (Cowansville, PQ, Canada)

Obviously some RVers are a little whacky R.! It’s a toilet and can be utilized as such. That’s like running the generator and not allowing the air conditioner to operate, or having a refrigerator, but not allowing food storage in the freezer, or like having a range, but only using the top burners and never the oven. Okay, so it’s somewhat similar anyway! But like anything RV, maintenance is required, along with conservation to some degree; especially while dry camping. Some RVers only use RV approved toilet tissue. Personally, I’ve never found this necessary if proper precautions are taken. Standard procedures such as regularly rinsing and flushing, using an enzyme-based additive (not a chemical), having an annual hydro-cleaning and only dumping the holding tanks when they are over 3/4s full.


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