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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Noisy Water Delivery

What can be done to reduce or eliminate excess noise/vibration when using my self-contained water system? Everything works just fine, but the noise when the pump is being used seems excessive. Will an accumulator help or just reduce the amount of time the pump is working? David, (Texarkana, TX)

David, before jogging down and buying that accumulator, double check the installation of the water pump itself. Be sure the pump housing or motor is not touching a portion of a nearby cabinet or enclosure. Also be sure the rubber mounts are properly isolating the pump from it's mounting position. These items are probably okay, but if your RV is older, it's best to check these items from time to time anyway.

Adding the accumulator will probably be your best bet if the pump is mounted properly. The "hammering" caused by pressure and moving water will certainly be reduced if not totally eliminated. The accumulator provides a needed cushion of air that will absorb the pounding effect you now are experiencing. It will definitely add years to the life of your pump.


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