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Friday, October 23, 2009

Messing Meeses

Last year mice got into my RV. This spring I got an electronic mouse repellant and it appears to be working. Here is the problem though; Last winter, they must have urinated in the heating ducts. When I turn the heat on now, this obnoxious odor comes pouring out. I have tried running the heat now a couple of times while out of the motorhome for a couple of hours each time, yet it continues to come out strong when I go back the next time and turn the heat on. Any suggestions?
Cheryl, (Sutton, MA)

Yikes Cheryl! That’s got to be annoying! I’m guessing that there is little you can do to eliminate the odors completely. I once had a cat urinate in an open guitar case and I could never find a product that would get rid of that smell. I eventually got rid of both…..the guitar case and the cat; and not necessarily in that order. Chances are the urine has permeated the insulation inside the ducts and is now permanently entrenched. Adding heated air to the mix by running the furnace only exasperates the problem.

The only cure is to replace that section of ductwork. If your ducts are routed on top of the flooring inside the RV this task is relatively simple. If, however, you have a central distribution ducting system, it becomes more problematic. In that case, first try stuffing crushed-up black & white newspaper pages into each duct as far as you can easily reach and then closing or taping off the ducts for two to three days. Every two or three days, remove and trash those pages and stuff new crumpled pages in there. Repeat as often as necessary. Crushed newsprint has removed fouled food odors from refrigerators in the past, perhaps it can work wonders for mice urine as well. Check with your local pet store also; they may have urine odor products available.

Wish I had better news for you, but animal urine is definitely one of the most difficult odors to eliminate. Maybe some of our members and readers have further ideas. I’ll be happy to pass on any worthwhile suggestions to you.



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