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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Maintain That Slide

We are buying a new 39-foot RV with two slideouts. Can you give some tips on what I should keep in mind for maintenance for these slideouts?
Robert, (Auburn Hills, MI)

Thankfully, Robert, there is not an extensive list of maintenance tasks required on most slide units. Obviously keep your eye on the top and side room seals, making sure they are engaged when the room is extended and retracted. There are a few aftermarket products available now for keeping the seals cleaned and maintained such as Protect All’s Slide-Out Rubber Seal Treatment. Features like built-in UV protection, water repelling and anti-static characteristics make it the best resource for proactive care for all slide seals.

Keep the slide mechanisms clean and dry, regardless of the type employed on your rig. Never use a moist lubricant like WD-40 on slide mechanisms; always use a dry lubricant to avoid attracting dust and dirt. Use the dry lube on all the exposed metal components. Protect All also makes a great dry lube.

Always inspect the roof of the slide-out prior to retracting the room after any extended stay. You’ll want to avoid dragging bird droppings, dirt and leaves or other debris into the RV on the roof section.

If yours are hydraulic slides, be sure to monitor the fluid level and to periodically inspect all the hoses and fittings. Be sure each room “tracks” properly and that both sides extend and retract at the same pace. If either room is equipped with LP, electrical or plumbing umbilicals, insure their integrity from time to time. And most importantly, keep the battery charged!


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