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Friday, October 30, 2009

Low Vac Evac

I would like to know whether I can use my vacuum truck for portable toilets to pump out RV black and gray water holding tanks and will it or could it do any damage to the RV. The vacuum is like that of a septic truck but works at a lower vacuum, about 17 - 25 inches. Do you have any general procedures to follow?
John, (Campbell River, BC, Canada)

Granted John, this isn’t a question I receive very often, but I think I understand why you are asking; you probably want to offer this service at campgrounds or other groupings of RVs. As long as you can make a leak-proof connection from your suction hose to the termination outlet common to all RVs, there should be no reason why you cannot use your low vacuum truck. Twenty-five inches of vacuum should do no harm to any component in the waste holding system. All the plumbing from the tanks to the termination assembly are connected pieces of cemented SCH 40 ABS pipe along with the appropriate fittings. I would, however, avoid connecting the suction hose to any flexible sewer hose for obvious reasons.

(Update: After publication of the above question, I received a few emails regarding my response above. Read my update relating to this RV Doc question here.)


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