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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Intermittent Levelers

I have problems with my hydraulic leveling jacks not setting > vertical before they start to extend out. It is mostly intermittent since sometimes they operate fine. Where should I look > for this problem? Is it most likely electrical or mechanical? > Last year I disassembled the control box on the dashboard and > renewed the electronic connections by cleaning them and it > seemed to help. I don’t know if it was just a coincidence or > if it really helped. I am well-versed in mechanics and > electronics so am not afraid to tackle a problem that is > curable within the scope of my regular hand tools and meters. > Can you advise? The jacks are about eight years old.
Marvin, (Topeka, KS)

Marvin, it appears you either have a mechanical or possibly a hydraulic problem since the levelers extend as they should some of the time. Or both! Look closely for a pinched hose, a damaged mounting bracket or any binding of the movement throughout the travel of each jack in question. It is also wise to lubricate all the moving pivot points with white lithium grease. There may be a filter in the hydraulic system for those jacks so check to be sure it is not partially clogged. Follow each line from the reservoir to each jack and inspect closely for leaks or kinks. Aside from the mechanical, you may also have fouled fluid in the reservoir. At eight years old, it may be time for fresh fluid!


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