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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hurry Please!

My refrigerator only works on AC and LP. When on the go is it okay to use the LP function, or should I use the generator and run the refrigerator on AC? Or neither, and use ice only? I know you get a large volume of email, but I’m 78 years old and I may not have a lot of time left for you to answer! Any advice would be helpful.
Sonny, (Warren Grove, NJ)

Oh Sonny, I'm sure you will have plenty of time left to use that motorhome! But there are a few lines of reasoning about operating the refrigerator while driving down the road. Some say as long as all the components are operating correctly and there are no LP leaks anywhere in the system, and you turn it off when you refuel, then it is perfectly safe to operate the unit on LP. Others say to run the generator and power the refrigerator with 120-volt AC. Others say, if the refrigerator and its contents are already cooled, simply turn the refrigerator off when driving and refrain from opening the door. Most everything will still stay cold until you stop for the day and then activate the refrigerator. I don’t think anyone recommends putting a block of ice in there. Obviously there are varying risks to running the unit on LP while driving and a noise/fuel factor for running the generator while going down the road. The safest option obviously is to pre-cool the refrigerator and turn it off while driving. Personally, knowing the integrity of all my components, I’d probably choose to operate on the LP function most of the time while driving.


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