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Monday, October 26, 2009

Gummed Up Carb

The generator on my RV had 35 hours on it when it "quit". These hours must have been during the delivery of the RV to the dealership, because we had not attempted to use it until recently. It would not stay running, so we took it to an RV repair shop. They told us that it would be $1,000 to fix it because the carburetor "varnished over" from non-use. Does this sound like a correct diagnosis or are we being taken for a ride? The repair fee also sounds exorbitant. What is the price range for new generators?
Shelley, (Temecula, CA)

Shelley, it would be difficult, at best, to try to ascertain a correct diagnosis without actually viewing or analyzing the carburetor on your generator closely. But it certainly sounds plausible, depending on the age of your unit. Unused fuel will deteriorate and become gummy over time, turning to a varnish-like material. Chances are the carburetor on the generator will need to be rebuilt at best; replaced entirely at worst. Either way, the generator will have to be tuned-up and set up with a load bank and all adjustments, (choke, carburetor, governor), set to that unit’s specifications. I'm not aware of regional repair costs or the prices of new equipment but I would certainly get a second diagnosis just to be sure. But it is quite likely your service shop is correct.


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