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Monday, October 19, 2009

Growling Oven

I have an Atwood RV range. It is a Wedgwood model. The thing that I am curious about is that the oven sometimes makes a growling sound rather than the smooth hissing sound that an oven usually makes. It seems to operate normally otherwise. Can you tell me what is causing this or if something needs to be replaced?
Jim, (New Bern, NC)

Jim, the growling noise you are hearing is probably caused by a fuel delivery or air mixture problem. Since proper combustion requires mixing LP with air, the oven compartment is vented through the cooktop to allow air to enter the oven as well as cooking odors to be exhausted. Therefore, please make sure there is no aluminum foil lining the burner box directly under the cooktop. Although this does tend to keep the stovetop burner cavity clean, it can easily affect the secondary air mixture in a negative way. Likewise, be sure nothing blocks the horizontal opening in the upper rear section of the oven compartment. Using a flashlight, perform a quick inspection of the primary air inlet at the rear of the oven burner tube. You may also have to remove the bottom oven pan to actually see it. This air shutter controls the amount of primary air that gets mixed with the LP on its way to the burner. Make sure the air shutter opening is not obstructed. You can clean it with low pressure compressed air or a clean rag. If there is no visible air restriction, you should have the LP system inspected and the delivery pressure measured by a qualified RV service technician. A manometer must be used to measure the LP pressure and only a qualified tech should adjust the air mixture to ensure a proper flame and for optimal combustion.


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