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Friday, October 23, 2009

Gen Point Gap

I was asked a question the other day from a fellow RVer about a 4,500 watt Onan generator. He wanted to know if I could find out what the point gap of the points on his unit should be. The numbers are gone off the plate on the unit. He has a 1988 motorhome and cannot find the information anywhere. I have looked all over the net for this information however they want the generator numbers to look it up. My generator has electronic ignition so I cannot give him the information from my manual. Thanks.
Dave, (Enfield, CT)

Dave, I’ve searched my technical library and I cannot find a 4.5 kW Onan from that time frame, though I could be mistaken. They did produce a 4.0 and a 5.0 at that time; each using a different engine. To the best of my knowledge, the correct gap with the points full open (TDC) should measure .020" for all engines of that era. To be sure, a quick call to any Onan distributor should confirm this. By describing the look of the engine and any other markings still on the unit, the distributor should be able to positively identify which engine is coupled to that generator.


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