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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Flawed Gen Fuel Line

I have a Fleetwood Bounder with an Onan generator. I had trouble with a section of rubber fuel line hose that was cracked near the generator itself. This was a relatively easy fix. However, a few months later I was unable to start my generator and found another section of cracked rubber fuel line that lays on top of the fuel tank. The fuel tank rests very close to the underside of the RV floor and I am unable to reach the stainless steel clamp to remove and replace the rubber fuel line from the metal section of fuel line going into the tank. Do you know of any easy way to accomplish this without dropping or lowering the fuel tank itself?
Marshall, (Walhalla, SC)

Marshall, you’ve picked up on one of the most common causes of generator operational problems on motorhomes. Rubber hoses are notorious for weather-checking and degradation via exposure to UV radiation and high ozone levels. As far as gaining access, some motorhomes, (and some early Bounders) had a removable access plate under the carpeting that corresponded to the location directly over the fuel sending unit and take-off tubes. It’s not uncommon to find a 3-inch hole through the floor under the carpeting directly over the area you need to access. It’s worth it, at least, to try to find that plate under the carpet. I’m not sure if this practice is still in place, but I’d give it a shot before having to drain and drop the fuel tank. If that access hole is not there, better start gathering a floor jack and some wood blocking; the tank will have to come down, at least part way.


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