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Friday, November 4, 2005

Woodall's RV Owner's Handbook

For many years now, Woodall's RV Owner's Handbook has been a staple among veteran RVers and newcomers alike!

Written by the RV Doctor, Gary Bunzer, the RVOH is written generically enough to cover virtually all RVs, regardless of size or type, yet comprehensive enough to provide solutions to many RV maintenance issues.

According to Gary, within the realm of recreation vehicles there are two types of maintenance; preventive and crisis. It is the goal of the RVOH to help you accomplish the "preventive" in order to avoid "crisis" repairs.

Like the RV Doctor's Do-It-Yourself RV Care DVD, the RV Owner's Handbook is the perfect gift for anyone interested in the RVing lifestyle.

Jam-packed with hundreds of photographs and diagrams, the RVOH is available at your favorite bookstore or you can order your own copy on-line (at a healthy di$count we might add) by visiting: RVbookstore.com

If you consider yourself a "serious" RVer and wish to save real dollars by performing many of the necessary annual maintenance procedures yourself, you owe it to yourself to check out the Woodall's RV Owner's Handbook.


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