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We are saddened to announce the passing of Gary Bunzer on April 17, 2020. We hope the RV Doctor website will continue to provide helpful information for you. Thank you for your interest and support for the RV Doctor - Debbie, Heather and Gretchen

Sunday, November 2, 2003

RV Doctor Seminars

One of the goals of Bunzer Consulting is to provide information that is beneficial to all who enjoy the RV lifestyle. In addition to the monthly RV Doctor columns, other published articles and videos, Gary presents technical training seminars at various venues across the country.

The educational programs presented by Bunzer Consulting are the most effective and profitable method of enlightening your target audience. Professional RV service technicians and avid RVers nationwide have benefited by attending these training programs.

If you or your RV group are interested in having Gary present one of these popular seminars at your next rally or gathering, email him directly at gbunzer@hotmail.com.

Also, feel free to pass this information on to your local RV Show Promoter if you would like the RV Doctor to speak at your next Show or Rally. Custom seminars are also available upon request.

    RV Owner Series

RV Basics
Where to start? With the basics, of course! But with a recreational vehicle, the “basics” can be multi- faceted and seemingly confusing. The logical place to start is with an overview of the types of RVs and the major systems aboard every RV, as well as those specific to towable and motorized RVs. This seminar is perfect for the brand new RVer or those simply pondering getting into the RVing lifestyle. 

Ten Maintenance Tips Every RVer Should Know
The degree to which we enjoy the RVing lifestyle is proportional to the amount of trouble-free traveling we encounter. When Gary’s ten tips are correctly employed at their specific intervals, operational problems within the RV systems will be minimized and oftentimes, eliminated entirely. Learn the secrets at this seminar! 

Technically Choosing Your Next RV
You’ve perused and studied many articles and websites on how to “choose” the RV of your dreams. You’ve reconciled every possible scenario to finally narrow the field of possibilities down to a couple RVs you would consider for purchase. Now what? Why not compare your short list from a more technical standpoint? It just may be the difference between two or more seemingly similar coaches. All RVs are not created “technically” equal! Learn how to tell the difference in this informative seminar. 

The RV Doctor’s Top 10 “RV Facts of Life”
The RV Doctor has seen it all over the last 50 years in the RV business. Over time, the Doc has collected a few RV Facts of Life. Learn how to cope with, and even take advantage of, these non-negotiable realities. If you want to get the most out of your recreational investment, this seminar is for you. 

Propane System Safety
This seminar provides an understanding of how the propane system works and knowledge of what to do if a problem occurs as well as what safety checks you should have regularly performed. Detailed steps for maintaining all of the gas-burning appliances are also explained. 

Optimizing the 12-volt DC Battery System
Without question, the majority of today’s technical problems associated with RVs involve one of the 12- volt battery systems. Rarely, if ever, does any RV, new or used, leave the dealer’s lot or its home base with all battery systems operating at optimum performance. In order to optimize the DC battery system, some configurations are better than others. In this seminar, Gary explains why and how to determine if your battery bank is balanced and being charged correctly and completely. 

Photovoltaics (Solar Energy) and RVs
The words “solar energy” and “RVs” have been mentioned sporadically in the same sentence since the 1970s, however, not many owners or coachbuilders gave it much credence. Has technology finally legitimatized the viability of adding solar power to an RV? Yes! Learn the benefits of adding an effective solar charging system in this seminar. The important components, the issues, the solutions, will all be addressed in this session. 

120-volt AC Electrical Safety
Under no circumstances should you ever feel a tingle or shock when touching your RV! This seminar provides an understanding of how the AC system works and knowledge of what to do and how to look for AC electrical anomalies. What test devices should you carry with you as you travel? Learn all about it in this seminar. This presentation also suggests safeguards to help reduce the potential of an electrical emergency. Learn a simple inexpensive test that guarantees no damage to your RVs electrical system will ever occur. 

Odor-Free RVing (Optimum Waste Management Practices)
As distasteful as some might proclaim waste management to be, waste plumbing systems on RVs are a necessity. And like any of the other major systems on the coach, a certain amount of attention at varying intervals, will keep the troubles to a minimum and most likely will eliminate them altogether. Learn the importance of venting, the correct evacuation procedures as well as what new products will help reduce the unpleasantness and completely eliminate sewer odors inside the RV. 

Correct Winterizing Procedures
Depending on the geographical location and the expected climate, procedures for preparing an RV for a period of non-use may differ. Learn those differences and the step-by-step procedures to fully ensure your coach will be properly prepared for storage in any climate. Every coach owner, with common hand tools and DIY knowledge of the procedures, can properly winterize an RV safely and easily.
    These are just the most popular topics. For scheduling and pricing information, email Bunzer Consulting at: gbunzer@hotmail.com


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