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Sunday, November 2, 2003

RV Doctor Seminars

One of the goals of Bunzer Consulting is to provide information that is beneficial to all who enjoy the RV lifestyle. In addition to the monthly RV Doctor columns, other published articles and videos, Gary presents technical training seminars at various venues across the country.

The educational programs presented by Bunzer Consulting are the most effective and profitable method of enlightening your target audience. Professional RV service technicians and avid RVers nationwide have benefited by attending these training programs.

If you or your RV group are interested in having Gary present one of these popular seminars at your next rally or gathering, email him directly at gbunzer@hotmail.com.

Also, feel free to pass this information on to your local RV Show Promoter if you would like the RV Doctor to speak at your next Show or Rally. Custom seminars are also available upon request.
    RV Owner Series

  • Winterizing the RV
    a. Step by step instruction
    b. Detailed checklist provided

  • De-Winterizing - Spring Shakedown
    a. Step by step instruction
    b. Detailed checklist provided

  • RV Exterior Care
    a. All exterior surfaces
    b. Maintenance requirements
    c. Product recommendations
    d. Detailed procedures

  • 120-volt AC Electrical Safety
    a. Understanding the various AC sources
    b. AC system components
    c. What the RV owner can do
    d. Testing before plugging in

  • Top Ten Maintenance Tips Every RVer Should Know
    a. The importance of preventive maintenance
    b. What, Why and When - purposeful direction

  • Appliance Maintenance - Saves $$$
    a. How the pressure regulator works
    b. The four LP-burning appliances
    c. Leak testing the entire propane system
    d. Preventive maintenance procedures

  • Optimizing the RV Battery System
    a. Preventive maintenance procedures
    b. The importance of battery balance
    c. Optimum charging techniques

  • RV Waste Management
    a. Proper holding tank evacuations
    b. Products that guarantee a totally odor-free waste system

  • Technically Choosing Your Next RV
    a. Comparing RVs from a technical point of view
    b. Why buying an RV should not be based solely on aesthetics

  • RV Facts of Life
    a. Ten non-negotiable RV realities
    b. How to cope with and even take advantage of them
These are just the most popular topics. For scheduling and pricing information, email Bunzer Consulting at: gbunzer@hotmail.com


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