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Wednesday, January 17, 2001

RV Solar Equipment Maintenance

Thankfully RV solar installations are relatively maintenance-free. There remains a few items to clean and inspect from time to time, however.

·       Inspect all conductors, cables and harnesses for insulation anomalies caused by sun damage, abrasion, dry rot or critters (insects or rodents). Replace accordingly.

·       Tighten all connections to the specifications of the manufacturer of that component. Remember clean, dry and tight for all electrical connections.

·       Closely inspect each battery in the battery bank. Look for loose or corroded terminals and connections, distorted or bulging battery cases and evidence of gassing residue. For flooded batteries, be sure the electrolyte level is correct.

·       Verify all grounded connections to the frame of the RV. Many electrical problems can originate on the negative portion of a DC circuit.

·       Be sure the free airflow requirement around the charge controller is maintained. Never stow supplies or cargo within six inches of the charge controller.

·       Clean all solar panels with common glass cleaner weekly.

Enjoy that free energy from the sun!


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